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What Maniac Designs These Crazy Challenges?

I was watching Survivor this past week and once again was astounded by the things that these people go through. Yeah, I’m aware that they’re doing this for 1,000,000, but seriously? At least there aren’t any food challenges where they have to eat something like maggots, although I guess after 30 days with nothing but a little rice I’d eat anything.

It’s the endurance challenges that always surprise me. Hang upside down from this post for as long as you can. How exciting! Maybe you should put some sharks in the water, some stingrays and see what happens then. It would certainly make it much more interesting.

Now, the puzzles are hilarious. Can you please send me a few so that I can try them at home? I just don’t get why these people struggle with them so badly. Does starvation mess with your brain so that you can’t put two puzzle pieces together or stack some blocks? My 17 month old can do that.

I do have to say though; I could never go on Survivor and must give mad props to those that do this for our entertainment… Oh and the 1 in 24 chance to win 1,000,000.