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What If I Spy On the Other Camp?

Survivor is now in its twenty-third season and I haven’t missed a single tribal council. In my opinion there have been some really stellar participants and there have been some who are pretty clueless. I can’t understand why contestants don’t do more to prepare for the game. If I were chosen for Survivor I would certainly hone my fishing, foraging and fire-building skills. I would also take the time to come up with some kind of strategy.

I would surely play a more devious game than anyone from past seasons. For instance I have never seen any attempt at espionage. In one season a few years ago some rather inquisitive tribe members were out exploring and literally stumbled upon the opposing tribe’s camp. I couldn’t believe they never planned a stealthy return to eavesdrop on the group. Think of the bonanza of information that could be overhead as alliances were formed and broken.

I think I would even kick it up a notch. While lurking in the shadows I would actively sabotage my opponents. Their meager rice supply would be contaminated with bugs or dirt. Coveted personal items would come up missing and essential tools and utensils would mysteriously disappear.The information party rocks on: ‘Survivor’: 3 Q’s for Jeff Probst