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Does The Jury Politic at Ponderosa?

If you and your family are fans of the televisin show ‘Survivor’, you have more than likely wondered: Does the jury politic at Ponderosa? The simple answer is no. There are no politics on Ponderosa.

Ponderosa is the camp in which jury members are sent after they have been voted off the team, or in other words, their torch fire is put out. The camp is like a safe haven the voted off members go to until the show is over. It is free of poltics and voted off members are there to relax, enjoy life, and relax some more. It also helps former memebers readjust to life outside of the survivor zone and transition back into everyday life.

Because active members are exposed to politics on a daily basis, the camp is designed to give the politics a rest and allow voted off members the chance to recuperate. Former jury members get the chance to interact with other voted off members, eat as much food as they like, and are given thorough medical examinations to ensure the health of each individual. You can rest knowing that all jury members are taken care of and are able to enjoy themselves so you can enjoy the show!