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Do the Losers Really Get Nothing?

Have ever wondered how people can afford to be on reality shows which keeps them away from home and job for extended periods of time? Even those voted off, or who are late at the final pit stop, are kept secluded so they don’t give away the ending before the finale. Well, it helps that it isn’t just the last man or woman standing who gets a payday.
Survivor contestants, for instance, all receive compensation. How much they are compensation is dependent on how long they last. We all know that the winner takes home a cool million; but the show is pretty tight lipped about what the also ran’s take home. It makes for more tension if we believe only the winner is paid.
What we do know is that, most seasons, the runner-up gets 100,000 and the third place finisher receives 85,000 and that during the first season the first player voted off received 2,500.
Those who were lucky enough to compete on Survivor: All-Stars were treated to higher runner up rewards: 2nd place 250,000, 3rd 125,000 and 4th 100,000. Whether the increased compensation continued down the list of those voted out isn’t know, but is most likely the case.