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Survivor updates

Looking back and looking ahead

The exciting 21st season of Survivor came to a close on December 19, 2010. Jud Birza, a male model from Lake St. Louis, Missouri, won both the season and the honor of being the youngest winner in Survivor history.Birza was by no means a shoe-in throughout the season. Early on, he earned a reputation for being a less-than-serious opponent. La Flor tribemate Shannon Elkins even went so far as to nickname him Fabio after the famous Italian fashion model, actor, and romance writer.However, this early laid-back demeanor appears to have been a ruse. Birza, who graduated Wentzville Holt High School in 2007, later told interviewers, “I always knew I was going to wait to the last minute to be aggressive.” Hints of his true strategy came out as he won four individual immunity challenges. This helped him beat out the majority alliance of Chase Rice, Matthew Lenahan, and Holly Hoffman. Read more »

What to expect in Survivor season 21: Nicaragua

The full cast has been announced, including former coach Jimmy Johnson. The tribesEspada (“Sword”) and La Flor (“Flower”)are drawn. But the locationa remote area near the village of San Juan del Sur, Nicaraguais hiding the rest of its secrets well.We do know there will be some changes to the game this season. Jeff Probst has announced that the Hidden Immunity Idol will return. In the past, the idol proved a significant advantage for Russell Hantz, who discovered a significant number of the hidden items. Due to this so-called “Russell Factor”, the clues this season will no longer be word riddles, but will rather be visual. Read more »