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Are Some Survivors Recruited to Play?

Many fans of the television show Survivor have questions about what goes on behind the scenes of the show. One question that comes up quite often is, are some Survivors recruited to play? That answer to that question is yes. Now many fans may be wondering why that is necessary since so many people watch the show, it would stand to reason that many would apply to be on the show.

While it is true that the show receives many thousands of applications for each season most of those applicants are not considered the right candidates by those in charge of casting the show. Therefore, many models and actors, who may never have even seen the show before, are recruited to join the cast. This does not mean that they automatically get dropped off on the island though. These actors and models must still go through the same casting process as everyone else. This is not to say that regular fans of the show have no chance of getting picked to play the game. It just seems that as the seasons go on more and more of the contestants are ones that have been recruited. On the season of Survivor set in Fiji, only one player was not recruited by the show.

Even with the show recruiting players, which to some may seem unethical, what you see on the television is actually what happens in the game. There is no special treatment for those recruits, everyone is even in the game and the outcome that you see is how it happened. While editing may play a role in how you see perceive a player, what is shown is what they said and did on their own. They do not receive coaching on how to behave or what to do and say.