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The Top Three Hardest Survivor Challenges

One of the highest rated reality television programs, Survivor, first aired on May 31, 2000. Each episode features contestants taking part in physical challenges in order to win food, luxury items or immunity from expulsion. Over the last 360 episodes there have been some challenges that were more difficult than the others.

Some of the most featured and most difficult challenges have been the eating challenges. Each castaway gets a chance to sample some of the local cuisine. The team with the most members able to complete the challenge is the winner. Over the years, the contestants have eaten grub worms, cow intestines and seafood smoothies.

Physical combat battles have also been extremely difficult for some of the contestants. These challenges involve tackling, wrestling and hitting with padded shields in an attempt to win the challenge. Survivor is known for having physically fit contestants, and even they struggled to complete these challenges.

The hardest challenges that the contestants face on Survivor are the ones that arise from the basic premise of the game. They are forced to fend for food and shelter for 39 days while keeping control of all mental faculties. Hunger alone has led to the downfall of more than one contestant.
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