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Buff Fashions – The Many Ways to Wear It

These stretchy tubes of material can be one of the most versatile options in your accessory armory. They are lightweight and can cut a lot of weight out of your pack for hiking in decently warm weather when you think there will be a need for a light hat, scarf or possibly a mask. It can also be used as a blindfold or an eye-mask if you have trouble sleeping with a lot of light.

One of the great things is that they can be useful for maintaining a comfortable temperature. They can be used while wet to help cool you down a little bit on hot days. Also they can be used for a little bit of extra warmth; even fitting underneath a bike helmet or any other tight fitting equipment. Pulling it down around your neck to use as a scarf or a neckerchief can provide some extra heat as well.

They are light and compact enough to be wound around your wrist and worn as a wristband, headband or ponytail holder when you do not need it for any other function. The ability to use it as a mask is especially useful in drier climates or when doing landscaping and construction work to reduce the risk of breathing in any foreign particles.