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The Best Shelter Designs on Survivor

Season after season contestants on the reality show Survivor arrive on location clueless and unprepared. With each new cast I wonder why they didn-t do more homework in anticipation of the adventure of a lifetime and the possibility of a million-dollar payoff for their trouble.

It seems a no-brainer that anyone considering auditioning for Survivor would brush up on basic survival skills and work on physical fitness. I would think that prospective contestants would spend every spare moment fishing, swimming Read more »

Survivor Rules and How They are Enforced

For viewers of the reality show Survivor the rules are simple. Contestants must outlast, outlive and outplay each other by avoiding elimination until the final tribal council where a jury of former opponents chooses the winner. Behind the scenes the show-s contestants are required to sign a multi-page contract delineating the rules of the game.

The contract is individualized for each season but many of the prohibited practices date back to the shows debut. The survivor contract includes a standard release clause and consent to continuous filming of event the most private moments along with a provision for Read more »