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Who Was The Smartest Survivor Ever to Lose?

One of the smartest, thrown off contestant on Survivor, was Rudy Boesch. Not only was Rudy the oldest of the Survivors, he was a retired Navy Seal.

Rudy, a contestant on the first Survivor, was up against much younger rivals. This did not stop him from proving his physical abilities. Personality wise, he was a bit gruffer than the others, but he was in it to win, and he had 45 years of military experience behind him. He did not like the “game’ playing among the groups. When first arriving on Borneo, the first Survivor location, he took over the lead role. He may have been the best qualified, but the other team members were a bit turned off by this attitude. Although he was a strong believer in alliances, he came to realize that was the only way to win. Unlike other contestants, Rudy stuck to his word when he backed Richard, the eventual winner.

Rudy was a favorite among Survivor fans. He was asked back for the Survivor All Stars show, where he won the first Reward Challenge, but he sprained his ankle and was not able to finish the challenge and was voted off on Day 6.The information party rocks on: Champion Cowboys Coach To Compete On Next SURVIVOR!!