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What Can Contestants Bring? Medicine? Underwear? Shoes?

This is an “insider” guide to what contestants on the Survivor reality television series are allowed to possess during competition. Participants can bring anything they want to the location, but this does not mean they are allowed to keep it or access to it until elimination. There is very little, in fact, beyond what they are wearing at the time they head off into the wilderness allowed to travel past civilization! What is allowed? Information available states Survivor cast members have access to vital medicine, such a blood pressure medication, as well as certain items considered “minimally appropriate” like contact lens solution, sunscreen, insect repellent, and feminine products. They are not allowed modern conveniences like toothbrushes or razors (male or female) as to enhance the realistic factor of struggle against nature. The clothing they are permitted to wear must be photographable colors lacking advertising with producers assisting in shirt selection to ensure a cohesive look without being too contrived. Contestants are allowed one pair of shoes to protect feet and one set of undergarments (underwear and bra for the women, underwear for the men); however thongs are obviously not allowed by either sex. Comfort or luxury items are distributed at the discretion of the producers.