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How Do Contestants Prepare for Survivor?

“Survivor” is a very popular reality show that tests the limits of individuals who are left in the wilderness. It is the dream of many to be on this show, but there are few who can actually handle it. Contestants of “Survivor” have to be physically and mentally tough; they also have to be emotionally stable. That is why people who audition survivor spend many months preparing for it. One of the main things that potential contestants do is lead a healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle includes things like exercising and eating healthy. The contestants of “Survivor” have to complete many challenges that test physical endurance. Performing both aerobic and resistance activities everyday will allow a person’s body to be in shape so that it is ready for the intense activities. It is also important that individuals who are interested in being on this show eat a healthy diet. Participants have to make sure that the eliminate all of the junk foods and replace with them with healthier foods.

The contestants of “Survivor” are also known for eating not so tasty foods, so some individuals get their taste buds ready by eating foods that they are not accustomed to eating.