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What Can Contestants Bring? Medicine? Underwear? Shoes?

This is an “insider” guide to what contestants on the Survivor reality television series are allowed to possess during competition. Participants can bring anything they want to the location, but this does not mean they are allowed to keep it or access to it until elimination. There is very little, in fact, beyond what they are wearing at the time they head off into the wilderness allowed to travel past civilization! What is allowed? Information available states Read more »

How Do Contestants Prepare for Survivor?

“Survivor” is a very popular reality show that tests the limits of individuals who are left in the wilderness. It is the dream of many to be on this show, but there are few who can actually handle it. Contestants of “Survivor” have to be physically and mentally tough; they also have to be emotionally stable. That is why people who audition survivor spend many months preparing for it. One of the main things that potential contestants do is lead Read more »