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What to expect in Survivor season 21: Nicaragua

The full cast has been announced, including former coach Jimmy Johnson. The tribesEspada (“Sword”) and La Flor (“Flower”)are drawn. But the locationa remote area near the village of San Juan del Sur, Nicaraguais hiding the rest of its secrets well.We do know there will be some changes to the game this season. Jeff Probst has announced that the Hidden Immunity Idol will return. In the past, the idol proved a significant advantage for Russell Hantz, who discovered a significant number of the hidden items. Due to this so-called “Russell Factor”, the clues this season will no longer be word riddles, but will rather be visual. Read more »

Top 10 “Survivor” hiccups

Fans love the “Survivorseries for its ruthless island alliances and betrayals. However, the show has also suffered real controversy over its 10-year (and counting) run, sometimes resulting in actual legal action. Here is a rundown of the most historic cases spawned by disgruntled players.10. An uncensored shot of Marcus Lehman “down under” during Survivor: Gabon raised a few eyebrows, forcing the show and network to publicly apologize for the shot. Read more »

Surviving the “Survivor” application process

Go to the Survivor application site and you’re faced with a stark gray background and a single image of rushing waterfall. A single button offers you the chance to download the PDF Application. It’s not much to go on for the prospective applicant, and enthusiasm alone won’t get you into the finals.Before applying, there are a few simple but non-negotiable qualifications you’ll have to possess. These include U.S. citizenship, good health (mental and physical), no criminal background, and a valid passport. Most states require that the contestant be 18 or older, but in Alabama, Mississippi, Nebraska, Wyoming, and D.C. you’ll have to be older. Read more »

“I’d love to turn you on”: A day in the life on “Survivor”

As one of the first smash-hit reality shows, “Survivor” set the bar for vicarious living. Through all of its twenty seasons so far, the show has provided a way for a small handful of everyday people to become celebrities, and for millions more to thrill to their adventures on the small screen. But what you don’t see among all the challenges, fights, and love affairs are the everyday lives of the contestants. Thanks to some curious fans’ questions, though, we have a little more insight into those hidden moments.Many women have wondered about hygiene issues on the island. Women receive hygiene essentials like tampons (and birth control in the case of those aforementioned love affairs). However, tweezers, razors, makeup, and other such vanity products are a no-go. If some women’s legs keep that smooth look, it’s probably due to waxing or laser treatments. Read more »

Bring “Survivor” to lifein your living room

At the very beginning of the television show’s popularity, two types of games were created to try to capture the thrill of the island. One is a board game, and the others are video games, providing two very different experiences. Are they worth a fan’s hard-earned money? Read on to find out. Read more »