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Recruit Me, Use Me, Despise Me

Episode 5 marked the first tribal witch of the season, Bright House Cable Company, and it was a doozy.  Brenda and Holly were selected as the captains of the new tribes.  Brenda picked Jane, Jill, and Marty to make the switch from the older tribe to the younger, while Holly picked Alina, Benry, Chase, and NaOnka to join the older tribe.  This marked the end of the old-versus-young dynamic, but there wasn’t time to mourn, as the team was rushed into the Reward Challenge.  This was a ball game played on a board of pegs.  One team dropped balls, while the other team tried to anticipate them and catch the balls at the bottom.  Espada took the win, gaining two hens and a rooster. Read more »

The Top Three Survivor Challenges Performances

Fans of reality television shows and programming would do well to learn more about the highlights and performances that have made the genre what it is today. Exploring the past seasons of “Survivor” can provide you with a better understanding of how this show made such a lasting impact on the format and has managed to keep audiences entertained for so many past seasons. Limiting yourself to only the current crop of reality shows and Read more »

The Top Three Hardest Survivor Challenges

One of the highest rated reality television programs, Survivor, first aired on May 31, 2000. Each episode features contestants taking part in physical challenges in order to win food, luxury items or immunity from expulsion. Over the last 360 episodes there have been some challenges that were more difficult than the others.

Some of the most featured and most difficult challenges have been the eating challenges. Each castaway gets a chance to sample some of the local cuisine. The team Read more »

Buff Fashions – The Many Ways to Wear It

These stretchy tubes of material can be one of the most versatile options in your accessory armory. They are lightweight and can cut a lot of weight out of your pack for hiking in decently warm weather when you think there will be a need for a light hat, scarf or possibly a mask. It can also be used as a blindfold or an eye-mask if you have trouble sleeping with a lot of light.

One of the great Read more »

The Best Shelter Designs on Survivor

Season after season contestants on the reality show Survivor arrive on location clueless and unprepared. With each new cast I wonder why they didn-t do more homework in anticipation of the adventure of a lifetime and the possibility of a million-dollar payoff for their trouble.

It seems a no-brainer that anyone considering auditioning for Survivor would brush up on basic survival skills and work on physical fitness. I would think that prospective contestants would spend every spare moment fishing, swimming Read more »

Survivor Rules and How They are Enforced

For viewers of the reality show Survivor the rules are simple. Contestants must outlast, outlive and outplay each other by avoiding elimination until the final tribal council where a jury of former opponents chooses the winner. Behind the scenes the show-s contestants are required to sign a multi-page contract delineating the rules of the game.

The contract is individualized for each season but many of the prohibited practices date back to the shows debut. The survivor contract includes a standard release clause and consent to continuous filming of event the most private moments along with a provision for Read more »

Who Was The Smartest Survivor Ever to Lose?

One of the smartest, thrown off contestant on Survivor, was Rudy Boesch. Not only was Rudy the oldest of the Survivors, he was a retired Navy Seal.

Rudy, a contestant on the first Survivor, was up against much younger rivals. This did not stop him from proving his physical abilities. Personality wise, he was a bit gruffer than the others, but he was in it to win, and he had 45 years of military experience behind him. He did not like Read more »

Things We’d Miss on Survivor

We’ve all imagined what it would be like to live on the deserted island with 15 other Survivor castmates. One of our favorite games to play here is to talk about what we’d take and what we’d miss while competing on the serieshere are some of the things we’ve come up with:
Internet: We’d really miss our clear wireless internet 4g connection since we wouldn’t be able to check email or watch Hulu. Read more »

What Can Contestants Bring? Medicine? Underwear? Shoes?

This is an “insider” guide to what contestants on the Survivor reality television series are allowed to possess during competition. Participants can bring anything they want to the location, but this does not mean they are allowed to keep it or access to it until elimination. There is very little, in fact, beyond what they are wearing at the time they head off into the wilderness allowed to travel past civilization! What is allowed? Information available states Read more »

How Do Contestants Prepare for Survivor?

“Survivor” is a very popular reality show that tests the limits of individuals who are left in the wilderness. It is the dream of many to be on this show, but there are few who can actually handle it. Contestants of “Survivor” have to be physically and mentally tough; they also have to be emotionally stable. That is why people who audition survivor spend many months preparing for it. One of the main things that potential contestants do is lead Read more »